Posner Lies To Congress: The Proof

J. Thornton Boswell Exposes Gerald Posner's Lies and Errors in a Phone Conversation with Dr. Gary Aguilar

Here are digitized sound files of Dr. Boswell telling Dr. Aguilar the real story about author Gerald Posner's absurd claims to have spoken with Boswell and also a shocking revelation that Boswell believes that there are errors in Posner's 1993 book Case Closed. This horrendous book was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in History. To the voting committee's credit, it did not win.

The sound quality has been reduced slightly, in an effort to reduce file size, but they have NOT been edited. They have also been divided into eight smaller pieces to further deal with the very large size of audio files. The next file picks up exactly where the preceding one leaves off and are part of one continuous 90 second excerpt from a conversation that Dr. Aguilar had with Dr. Boswell on March 30, 1994.

In late 1993, Gerald Posner rudely interrupted the testimony of Dr. Randy Robertson before the House of Representatives Legislation and National Security Subcommittee chaired by Representative John Conyers, to make the following shocking and preposterous claim.


Mr. POSNER. I have interviewed the autopsy doctors. I have interviewed Mr. O'Neil. What is left here on the record today should not be allowed because it is not correct, which is the implication that the autopsy doctors agree with their original drawings in 1963, which were made without the benefit of the X-rays and the photographs, that they had had done at the autopsy.
To the credit of the House Select Committee on Assassinations and Congressman Stokes, that committee did a superb job on the forensics of this case. It was the work of that committee that had the two autopsy physicians change their mind, that they had been mistaken about the placement of the wound here, and that it is in fact correctly placed 4 inches higher. I have spoken to them about this and they have confirmed their change of testimony that they gave before the House Select Committee on Assassinations.


Nothing could be further from the truth! Not only did the JFK autopsy pathologists, Humes and Boswell NOT change their minds about the low position of the head wound (which makes the alleged shot from above and behind impossible, and therefore refutes the ridiculous lone-assassination theory that Lee Harvey Oswald alone murdered JFK) but Gerald Posner never even spoke to Boswell! How do we know this? J. Thornton Boswell himself, a man who participated in the autopsy of President Kennedy (and who believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone) tells us this in this conversation with Dr. Aguilar.

So, do we believe Posner or do we believe Boswell? The only reasonable conclusion we can draw is that Posner, in his determined effort to rehabilitate the long-discredited Warren Commission version of the assassination, will stop at nothing, including lying to the United States Congress, to "close" the case.

What does this false statement to Congress tell us about Gerald Posner's "journalistic integrity?" Shouldn't he be brought up on charges of lying to Congress? Is lying to Congress even a crime that you can be prosecuted for? Should Posner have to answer for this kind of deliberate deception?

NOTE: Please be patient. Even with the sub-division of the original, large sound file, it may take 20-30 seconds to load each smaller, wav file into your windows audio player program.

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