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Here at the Assassination Web are very selective concerning the process of determining which sites we are willing to link with. While we don't want to criticize other sites who present every site they can find on the topic in a long list, we do want to try to point our visitors to some of the most worthwhile locations.

We want to state that we do not necessarily agree with everything contained on each and every site that we recommend, but it does mean that we feel that they do contain serious, worthwhile material that provides interesting information on assassinations and related topics such as espionage. We even provide links to sites that defend the lone assaassin theory despite the fact that few people in the world feel it is a likely solution. As a service to our visitors, we supply a short description/opinion of the content of each site.

We will be adding more as time goes by. If you are not here for the first time, the most recent additions are located in the top half of the list of sites.

JFK Library and Museum

The JFK Library has numerous useful resources. They are one of ten Presidential libraries overseen by the National Archives and Records Administration. They have online search capabilities and lots of interesting collections. Some of these contain assassination-related materials. They have digitized, downloadable versions of National Security Action Memoranda and also digitized Executive Orders issued during the Kennedy administration.

alt.conspiracy.jfk newsgroup

This is an un-moderated news group where the content can range from interesting dialogue and debate to angry, flame-ridden hostility. You can sort through and find topics and discussions of interest to your specific interests in the JFK assassination.

Federation of American Scientists - Intelligence Resource Program

Who would think that a site created by an organization of scientists would have some of the most interesting collections of cold war espionage information on the net. It's there. You will see info on government reports on secrecy and other espionage issues and yes, even material relating to the Kennedy assassination. There is information contained on this site concerning the Assassination Records and Review Board. There are also items relating to the process of filing freedom of information requests.

The Intelligence Community

This is a site provided on the CIA site that supplies information about other members of the US Intelligence apparatus. CIA is but one of an alphabet soup of agencies and bureaus that are in the business of spying. 50% of the American public believe that the CIA was involved in some way in the JFK assassination, and therefore considers that the assassination may have been some kind cold war era covert action. Many of the most interesting documents about the assassination that are being released today originate from the CIA, the FBI, the Treasury (Secret Service) and the military spy agencies.

The Kennedy Assassination

This is the biggest and most sophisticated of the few Web sites that seek to defend the lone assassin theory. You will find a searchable database of the contents on the site. There is, in our opinion, a rather biased, freqently asked questions section where you can familiarize yourself with all the usual anti-conspiracy arguments. Here's your chance to get inside the mind of a lone nut theorist and see the other side's point of view. The site's creator, John McAdams, is a frequent nemisis of conspiracy theorists on the JFK newsgroups.

DejaNews Searchable Newsgroup Archives

For anyone that has used or will be using the JFK newsgroups, this is a valuable service. You can search a database that contains a history of postings on the groups. You can search a name, a topic or an e-mail address that may be contained in past posts and get a list of matches to read. If you want to see the history of an issue or a complete list of items posted by a particular participant in a group, it's usually there to be found.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Directory & the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford

This is a site that contains little relating to the actual assassination of King but presents much interesting material on his life. There is biographical information, a bibliography of books about him and a collection of articles and documents by and about Dr. King.

The James Earl Ray Web Site

(Editor's note - This site is leaving the content as it was just before the death of James Earl Ray on 4/23/98 as a tribute to him. I am leaving my original textual description of the site as it was also.) This site describes itself as "the only official and authorized James Earl Ray Web Site." You will find several news articles on the recent developments in the case. You can see medical updates on the seriously ill alleged assassin of MLK. There is even a fund that you can contribute to in order to raise money for a liver transplant for Ray. He needs this medical procedure in order to survive beyond the near future. There are legal proceedings currently under way that are aimed at obtaining an actual trial for Ray before he dies. You will also see writings by both Ray's lawyer (William Pepper) and Ray's brother Jerry Ray arguing the need for a trial.

The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty served as the chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy administration. He was in charge of providing military support for the clandestine operations of the CIA during this time. While some of his views are controversial, he has to be considered an important source of information on covert actions and spy activities during the 50s and 60s. His book The Secret Team and his later work, JFK, CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy were interesting and are worth reading. This site offers recent writings and older articles by Col. Prouty.

Fair Play

This site offers many interesting articles on the JFK assassination in their on-line magazine, Fair Play. There is a large selection of links to assassination-related information at this site. They also provide an extensive archive of back issues of Fair Play magazine.

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Congress recently enacted the JFK Records Act in response to the public's demand to unseal the files on the JFK assassination. The Archives is where millions of pages of recently released documents are housed in a special JFK Assassination Records Collection. You can search their online database for documents on any aspect of the murder of JFK.

JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly

This website for the magazine co-edited by Walt Brown and Vince Palamara features downloadable sample articles from each issue. JFK/DPQ has recently moved to a new server and is expanding their web site. They also give subscription information for their journal so you can receive all of the articles in a magazine format through the mail, in addition to the examples provided on the site.

The Posner File

Download chapters from Gerald Posner's lone assassin book Case Closed and other subjects such as Nazis, drug gangs and Ross Perot. Also you can obtain information on Posner's media appearances. Gerald will be coming out with a book soon on Motown, believe it or not..

Ratville - Topics on the National Security States of America

This site includes the full text of JFK assassination books by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, Howard Roffman, Richard E. Sprague and many articles relating to assassinations, conspiracies and espionage.

The JFK Place

This gopher site, run by Deanie Richards, features numerous JFK articles, photographs, and other items of interest, including the volumes of the House of Representatives' Select Committee on Assassinations which looked into the murder of John F. Kennedy in the late seventies.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage

This Web site originates from Germany (but its text is in English). On their site, among other things of interest, you will find a downloadable copy of the Zapruder film, the full text of the Warren Commission Report and selected excerpts from the 26 volumes 0f Warren Commission Hearings.

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