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New Discoveries in Recently Released Assassination Files


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by Roger S. Peterson

Read this excellent summation of the possible significance of some of many thousands of documents, newly-released because of the recent JFK Records Act and Assassination Records Review Board. This article is reprinted by permission from the publishers of American History magazine. It originally appeared in their August 1996 issue.

Blakey's "Linchpin": Dr. Guinn, Neutron Activation Analysis, & the Single-Bullet Theory - Part 1

by Wallace Milam.


Blakey's "Linchpin": Dr. Guinn, Neutron Activation Analysis, & the Single-Bullet Theory - Part 2

by Wallace Milam.
Even though the House Select Committee on Assassinations came to the conclusion of a possible conspiracy, they concluded the single-bullet theory was legitimate. The head council of the committee, Robert Blakey, utilized the work of Dr. Vincent Guinn in the effort to prove Oswald fired this "magic" bullet. But, how useful is Guinn's information in proving the validity of the single bullet theory? [Note: This article has 7 appendices containing additional information].


by Wallace Milam


by Wallace Milam

In two parts, this article examines the question of whether a match could be made of bullet fragments in existence from the Kennedy assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald's ammunition. The idea of a possible match was originally presented by Dr. Vincent Guinn. Recently Dr. Kenneth Rahn argued in support of Guinn's findings. Can any such match be made by using the method of neutron activation analisis (NAA)?


by Dr. Gary Aguilar
Gary Aguilar has assembled a remarkable collection of 46 of the earliest known witness descriptions concerning the location of JFK's head wound. 44 of the 46 witnesses all described some kind of damage low in the rear of JFK's head. This head wound bullet entrance location, as described by the autopsy doctors, is inconsistent with the above and behind direction of the origin of the shots, as presented by the Warren Commission. Because of the nature of the head wound, it is highly unlikely that all the shots came from the alleged sniper nest in the Texas School Book Depository, where this theoretical lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, supposedly fired all of the bullets.

CIA Files and the Pre-Assassination Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald

by Peter Dale Scott
Here is one sample piece from a collection of essays called Deep Politics II: Essays on Oswald, Mexico and Cuba: The New Revelations in U.S. Government Files, 1994-1995. This work, a sequel to the book, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, was produced by a former Canadian diplomat and Professor from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Scott is one of the leading experts on interpretation of files on the JFK assassination. In this selection, Peter gives us his fascinating evaluation of the significance of key, newly released CIA files on Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Three Oswald Deceptions: The Operation. The Cover-Up, and the Conspiracy

by Peter Dale Scott
Here is another example from Peter's collection of essays, Deep Politics II: Essays on Oswald, Mexico and Cuba: The New Revelations in U.S. Government Files, 1994-1995. This essay, is the next one presented in the sequence of essays from the collection following the other selection that we previously republished titled, "CIA Files and the Pre-Assassination Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald." Peter continues with his analysis of newly released files relating to Lee Harvey Oswald. He takes us through the complex and murky world of US Intelligence and explores shocking, deliberate disinformation involving Oswald, the CIA and Cuba.

INCA Dinka Do

by Jerry D. Rose
This article describes a propaganda organization with ties to US intelligence that not only was involved in creating the legend of a communist Oswald, before the assassination, but also spread this information to the media immediately following the arrest of Oswald for the crime. This organization, headed by Ed Butler and Alton Ochsner, also had a strange involvement with the Garrison investigation and prosecution of Clay Shaw in the late 60s. The author, Dr. Jerry Rose has a Ph.D. in sociology and produces The Fourth Decade research journal on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This article and others we have posted were originally published in The Fourth Decade. You can subscribe to this scholarly publication for $25 per year, $45 for two years or $65 for three years. Send to The Fourth Decade, State University College, Fredonia, New York 14063. This article was originally published in The Fourth Decade, Vol. 4, #3, March, 1997.

Bringing it All Together: The New Releases And How They Help Us Converge On The Heart Of The Case

by Peter Dale Scott
Peter Dale Scott gives an overview of the big picture relating to the recent file releases. Because of new revelations in the files, we now see a convergence in the gangster elements and the government factions that explains much about the way these two different groups (both subjects of competing theoretical conspiratorial viewpoints) might have been connected in the "deep politics" of the early 60s. This piece, was originally published in The Fourth Decade research journal, Volume 4, #1, November, 1996 (see the Jerry Rose article description below for Fourth Decade subscription information).

In The Files

by John Newman
We are reprinting part John Newman's testimony to U. S. House of Representatives oversight committee headed by John Conyer's, from November 17, 1993. Dr. Newman points out some interesting issues concerning files such as the CIA's interest in Oswald before the assassination and their record of deception concerning the accused presidential assassin. This excerpt was also published in the Coalition On Political Assassination's newsletter, Open Secrets, in their first issue of August, 1994.

Two Big Lies: Files are Open, Case is Closed

by John Judge
Researcher and COPA governing board member, John Judge, gives us his appraisal of the first large batch of files released resulting from the creation of the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act. He also characterizes the predictable news media reaction to the significance of this first large group of documents released. This article was originally published in Prologue: Newsletter of the Committee for an Open Archives, Vol. 1, #4, November, 1993.

No Smoking Gun, But Something Smells

by Jerry Policoff and John Judge
Here we have a brief sampling of some of the early file releases from establishment of the Assassination Records Review Board after their creation by Congress for the purpose of unsealing all files relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This article was originally published in the Coalition On Political Assassination's newsletter, Open Secrets, in their first issue, published August, 1994.

The House Select Commitee on Assassinations and the Autopsy Photographic Evidence

by Gary L. Aguilar, M.D.
It was long thought that the descriptions of JFK's head wound by the Dallas Parkland Hospital witnesses conflicted with the descriptions of the Bethesda autopsy witnesses. The work of Dr. Gary Aguilar, who has collected newly released HSCA materials, now shows that there was no conflict. Virtually all witnesses to the nature of the JFK head wound describe the location as the right rear of the head. The HSCA buried much of this information and led the readers of their report to believe the wound to be at the top of the head. Originally published in The Fourth Decade, July, 1995.

Oswald and the CIA

by Dick Russell
Dick Russell, author of The Man Who Knew Too Much (Carroll and Graf, New York, 1992) , updates the Richard Case Nagell story and examines CIA actions in Mexico City in 1963. Reprinted by permission of High Times magazine, from the August, 1996 issue.

JFK & the Cuban Connection

by Dick Russell
Russell reports on the new information obtained from Cuban intelligence personel that points to Cuban exile and mob involvement in the plot to kill JFK. Reprinted by permission of High Times magazine, from the March, 1996 issue.

Blows Against the Empire: A Breach in the Wall of Government Secrecy - The Review Series, Part 1

by Martin Shackelford
Longtime JFK researcher Martin Shackelford dissects the ARRB in this excellent seven part series originally published in Review magazine. Part one covers the establishment of the Board. Mr. Shackelford is currently working on a fully footnoted version of this series which we will present upon completion.

Pieces of the Jigsaw - The Review Series, Part 2

by Martin Shackelford
Part 2, subtitled "Pieces of the Jigsaw" looks at what the newly released files reveal about Oswald's defection to the USSR.

The Plot Thickens: Lee Harvey Oswald in a Covert World - The Review Series, Part 3

by Martin Shackelford
More evidence is surfacing proving intelligence agency involvement in Oswald's activities in New Orleans in the summer of 1963.

Sunshine in Dark Corners: Covert Intelligence Operatives and Lee Oswald - The Review Series, Part 4

by Martin Shackelford
Clay Shaw's involvement with intelligence agencies is revealed, as well as his interest in anti-Castro activities in New Orleans. Oswald's repeated contacts with persons with intelligence agency links are examined.

The Early Investigations: Before and After the Assassination - The Review Series, Part 5

by Martin Shackelford
After the assassination, extraordinary measures were used by the intelligence agencies to stonewall their files and conceal their knowledge of Oswald.

History Repeats Itself: The House Select Committee on Assassinations - The Review Series, Part 6

by Martin Shackelford
The failure of the HSCA to resolve the medical issues in the assassination is exposed.

A Celebration of Freedom: Latest Research and Secrets from the Files - The Review Series, Part 7

by Martin Shackelford
More on intelligence agency activities during the assassination investigations, including additional destruction of key files.

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