Publishing an electronic newsletter on the World Wide Web is not a new idea, but there will be some unusual
and perhaps unique features in the Electronic Assassinations Newsletter here at The Assassination Web.

First of all, the newsletter will not be published on paper although we do encourage visitors to this site to download and print out the articles. Second, we do not charge any subscription fee. This newsletter is totally free to all interested persons. All we ask in return is that you provide us with feedback by email. Comments, constructive criticisms, suggestions and submission of material for possible inclusion in future issues would be appreciated.

Another key element in our concept is to publish issues that will grow, change and evolve over time. In other words, we will be adding new articles and also revising and correcting previously published issues in the future. The Electronic Assassination Newsletter has no deadline or publication dates and there will be no established regular interval for publication of future issues. There could be several months or, in some cases, only days between publication of individual issues.

Each issue will focus on a theme or specialized topic relating to cold war era political assassinations in the United States. Articles written by informed, knowledgable authors on the subject are seldom found in what would be considered the mainstream media. This type of writing is usually found only in journals and newsletters that unfortunately, have a very limited circulation. We hope to tap into the unlimited potential of the Web to distribute this information to a much larger audience.

Issues List

Issue #1
Case Closed or Posner Exposed?

Issue #2
New Discoveries in the Recently Released Assassination Files

Issue #3
Collected Works of Martin Shackelford

Issue #4
Collected Works of Wallace Milam

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