The Assassination of JFK, RFK & MLK & Conspiracy

The Assassination Web offers a free collection of articles about the American assassainations of the 60s and the JFK assassination in particular. In the early 90s the Oliver Stone film titled JFK renewed public debate about the controversies surrounding JFK conspiracy theories. The lone assassin solutions presented by the US government in the assassinations of RFK and MLK are also troubling. Were Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl Ray all lone assassins, as has been alleged? Jack Ruby assassinated the alleged assassin of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, leaving history with no conclusive solution to that crime. If there was a JFK conspiracy, was it by the Mafia, the CIA, the FBI, the Soviets, The Cubans, etc...? The Warren Commission, the investigative body appointed by LBJ and headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, didn't convincingly solve the JFK case. The Warren Commission's often ridiculed single or "magic" bullet theory, championed by Senator Arlen Specter, has been almost universally rejected by the public as an unlikely explanation. Most of the US intelligence agency assassination files concerning investigative work done by those agencies were classified and kept secret from the American public. After the film, JFK, millions of pages of secret JFK assassination documents were released, yet most of the files on the MLK assassination are still sealed. Most of what still exists on the RFK assassination has been released. Large amounts of evidence, including a massive amount of photographs and also ballistic evidence concerning the RFK assassination was inexplicably destroyed. Were the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK covert action espionage operations, complete with cover-up, and intelligence agency propaganda activities? Questions about conspiracies exist in all of these crimes.

Serious, reliable information is the key to understanding the complex issues involved in this topic. The Assassination Web offers the Electronic Assassinations Newsletter (EAN) with articles on the new files releases, older conspiratorial subjects and a large group of articles refuting the latest, media-embraced proponent of the lone assassination theory, Gerald Posner (author of anti-conspiratorial books on both JFK and MLK). In 2010, Gerald Posner was outed as stealing other writers work by both Newsweek and Slate magazines. Let's hope that that serves as a warning to the mainstream media (that has embraced him all along) that he is not a reliable source and not to be believed as an "expert" on any topic.


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Lone Assassin theorist Gerald Posner, who, in recent years has been the US media's favorite lone-assassin theory spokesman, deceived Congress under oath. Click here and learn more about Posner's deception. We have eight short sound files digitized from a conversation with one of the JFK autopsy doctors that indicate that Gerald Posner deliberately deceived Congress in testimony given under oath in 1993. Also you can see the actual text of Posner's deception of Congress, carried out as he was rudely interrupting the expert medical testimony of Dr. Randy Robertson. We also have an entire EAN issue dedicated to the question: Case Closed or Posner Exposed?

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